Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School Photos

I'm behind and I know none of you are surprised. But my children did return to school and I even took pictures on their first day back.
Tanner- ready for 4th grade. At our school this is his last year of elementary classes. I swear that is not even possible for me to wrap my head around.

Andrew was anxious about first grade, but has a wonderful teacher and is really enjoying his class. Thank goodness!
I am not sure why his photo was blurry. I was probably rushing by that point. So to make up for it below is a photo of a very proud Andrew. Displaying his gap from his very first lost tooth. He lost it in class during his first full week at school.

Finally, Miss Margaret. She waited an extra two weeks to begin school, but was happy to have her first day on her 4th birthday.

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