Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goldie Cat

During the summer this sweet, gentle cat walked her way into our lives. Well, she actually meowed her way in. After days of hearing her meowing on our porch, I took mercy on her and picked up some food at the store. She's been a fixture ever since.
She spends half of her time laying on our porch or patio and the other half we have no idea about. (Yes, that makes me nervous.) But she had definitely worked her way into everyone's heart- even JASON"S!!!
The kids love her because she adores any attention they throw her way. If they aren't petting her, she is rubbing on their legs until they give in.
Jason and I love her because she is a very low maintenance pet. Just my kind :)
Margaret dubbed her "Goldie" because of the coloring on her face and it stuck. We hope you are here to stay, Ms. Goldie Cat.

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