Thursday, September 8, 2011

A little distraction...

To avoid the onset of any nervous breakdowns (for the kids or me) we went fishing the evening before school began this year. I thought it would be a good idea for a two reasons:

1. Dwelling on a source of worry only makes it seem that much worse.

2. Fresh air is a cure for almost all problems. (I probably read that somewhere and it is so, so true. Try it.)

Turns out it was a great idea. The kids loved it. Jason and Uncle Kyle did all the gross stuff, so I just sat back, took pictures, and enjoyed one last sweet taste of summer.

Andrew with the first catch of the night. We had fun because everyone caught something. The fish were definitely biting for that to happen!

Margaret practiced and practiced her casting skills. I think she eventually broke five feet :)

Tanner holding his own catch. (He did this only after I did. He is smart and knows I am a BIG chicken about most things. If Mom is brave enough to stick her thumb in a fish's mouth, it must be safe.)

I think they loved just spending time with Dad.

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