Thursday, February 9, 2012

Command Central

I am sure that every home has one of these. When I was growing up, command central was always our kitchen. That is where the all-important family calendar was, our house phone and (later on) the computer too. So when we built our home, I included a little desk in our kitchen and sentimentally nicknamed it "Command Central" a.k.a. the C.I.A., or Central Intelligence Area. I love having it right in the middle of everything. On the nearest wall we have a daily chart of responsibilities and I tell you what, that thing saves me some days. When I get tired of nagging, I simply point to the chart. Instead of explaining for the 5 millioneth time that yes, we must practice the piano everyday, I can just let the chart do the explaining for me.

So in the effort to record our ordinary days, I want to explain our chart in a few different posts. It has the headings of S.S.P; Homework; Skills; Piano; and Daily Duty. Hopefully, years from now, when I no longer have anyone around to nag about daily duties or skills, I will fondly remember our daily routines and be able to look back and be grateful that we struggled through them.

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~ Lori ~ said...

We have tried many family organizers over the years and I think we've finally hit one that works! (You can see photos on my blog of one I created). I love that area of your home and wish we had a similar space for our own "Command Central"!