Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heart Attack

Last night for Family Home Evening, which we try to have every Monday night, we gave our kitchen a heart attack. We each wrote things we LOVE about each other on hearts and hung them up. I totally remember doing these at youth church activities growing up and then later to friends in high school. They are still fun! This one was made really special when the kids decided to include illustrations on some of them.

Notice the animals in Meg's? I think those are some of her favorite stuffed animals. And who doesn't love a 4 year-old's depiction of her brother holding her hand? But my favorite is Tanner's picture of Dad with muscles!

But the best part was reading them aloud to each other. The smiles could not be contained when the kids heard their siblings listing good things about them. (Hey, I liked it too!)

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~ Lori ~ said...

That is SO awesome! I love this idea. In fact, I am doing a little project with Linda and Pam tomorrow and school and it's quite along these lines...but we didn't name it and I think Heart Attack is a GREAT name!