Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Forget to VOTE!

Heading to the polls anytime soon? Well don't forget to vote for your favorite candidate. Here is an up close look at mine.

Isn't he handsome. Tanner is a candidate for class president at school. He has a campaign team and everything. Today his wonderful teacher arranged for a debate. It was complete with a platform speech about needed changes and a question and answer session. He did a great job of staying composed, which would have been the challenging part for me at that age, and delivering his message.

I was proud of him, of course. But I was proudest when I saw him go over to a classmate after the commotion and talk to him. Tanner could tell that his friend was having a hard day and he tried to make him feel better.

I feel so lucky to be his mom. No, not lucky. I am so blessed.

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