Saturday, March 13, 2010

At Long Last- Hair Cut Success!

So let me begin by saying there are many perks to having a hair stylist as my SIL. Especially because my family is definitely hair challenged. From swirls to dirty blondes, we have it all. But this morning Tara was up to the task of my three lift-chair-weary kiddos. We rarely take advantage of Tara, because when the clippers turn on all kinds of flipping out have been known to occur. I would rather that happen in the bathroom at home than in a very public place. However, school pictures are next Tuesday and we really need to redeem ourselves after last Fall's picture day fiasco. So, we were brave. Tara was brave. All went well, and I even remembered my camera!

One said perk is that while one kiddo is in the chair, having hair removed by the pound, Tara doesn't mind the other two browsing her cute shop. Margaret made her rounds of all kinds of "pretties." From polish to hairspray to purses on display. She was loving life.

Jason, just so you know, I kind of committed you to buying this hot pink beauty for her next birthday. Think she'll remember that in August?

Perk number two. We were allowed to explore (read play with, move, manipulate, test run) the hair dryers. Andrew was pretty sure they were space related. I have to agree. Surely something this cool could not exist just to dry hair. It must be a helmet or communicator of some kind, right?

Biggest perk of all, Tara always makes us look and feel like a million bucks. My homemade haircuts may be just enough to get us by, but check out these mug shots.
Tanner of course is an old pro at getting a cut. He looked great and I think he knew it.

Andrew, my hesitant one, did such an outstanding job today. No squirming or shrinking or wimpering occurred. He was a little disappointed that Tara didn't deliver the "gray and red spikies" he requested, but doesn't he look great!

Margaret was the real test. She just doesn't like to hear those scissors snipping away at her precious hair. But today she proved herself a big girl. Here she is getting settled for her pampering trim. Notice her little bare foot twirling away. That is a sure sign that she is loving life. The more that foot spins, the more excited she is.

My big two-year-old was so serious about this hair business. She also requested color- purple to be specific. Thank you for not delivering Tara!

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