Monday, March 15, 2010

Down with Daylight Saving Time.

Daylight Saving Time snuck right up on us this year. That's right. We were that family that TOTALLY forgot to set our clocks forward. In the past I've been known to criticize those who just don't have their act together enough to even keep track of the time. Well, consider us humbled.
Sad that it happened on a Sunday when we were otherwise so prompt. We were on our way to being early enough to set up my props in the Primary room before church, when Jason got online to check our forecast. When I heard his "Oh, Man" everything clicked. He didn't even have to explain.
I was too ashamed (and afraid of disrupting the entire meeting) to walk into Sacrament late. So I enlisted the kids to help me in the Primary room instead.
Daylight Saving Time also means a later bedtime for our family. I am so not a fan this year. A later bedtime means grumpy kids on Monday morning. Yuck. All Jason said to me when he left this morning was "Good Luck!"
On the bright side, we did get to listen to Margaret singing in bed for an extra 1/2 hour last night. She just knew it wasn't right to go to bed with light peeking around the curtain. I'm with you Margaret.

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