Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kids' Critique

We have not taken the kids to see the house since it was just a basement. I have just been too worried about the lack of floors, then walls, and still stairs. But I am going to be out of town this weekend, and last night I really wanted to see the progress with the exteriors walls. So we bravely loaded up the van and spent the 20 minute drive lecturing everyone about avoiding the open hole where the stairs will someday be. I think I also threw in fair warning about jumping out windows and touching tools that are not ours.

I should have known that bringing the kids would include 100's of questions and almost just as much criticism. What is this room? Why is it here? Why isn't there a "secret, crawl-through door" in our room? Yes, they are serious about the trap door. I told them maybe the space under the stairs can be their secret hide-out. I think that appeased the mob.

This is Margaret inspecting her new room. She liked her window and showed us were all her "pretties" will go.

We really can not wait to get into this home and make it our own. Not to mention the boys are dying to get their old toys out of storage. I know that getting our hands on all of our stored stuff will be better than getting new things at Christmas. But there is still so much work to do.

Job #1: Cleaning up and burning all of the construction trash. I'm afraid we are going to be in this messy stage for awhile.


Lis said...

Love the home updates Sarah! So fun! I'm excited to be able to see you guys soon and meet those sweet kids of yours! We'll be headed that way near the end of June! Let's chat soon!

Case said...

seriously! now i'm going to tell everyone that we're related:) yes, i am officially part of the mcmullin family:) pretty crazy huh? small world is right

Case said...

by the way....that means you and lis are related too because scott is a jarvis too:)