Friday, March 12, 2010

The Return of Peanut Friday.

Doughnut Friday is a tradition that goes back to Barracuda Swim Team days. I think the glazed beauties were our reward for surviving each week of early morning practice. I mean what else would our exhuasted bodies and empty stomachs need after two hours of laps in the pool? DOUGHNUTS. If we had been really good, Mom would stop the suburban at Wille's Bakery and we would each get to pick out our own. I'm sure the bakery owners were thrilled to see all five (sometimes 6, 7 or 8) of us wet kids wrapped in towels and reaking of chlorine sliding across their tile floor and pressing our faces against their glass displays. And I have to laugh when I remember how long it took for us to decide which doughnut to pick. The jelly-filled, no the creme horn, no, I mean the cinnamon twist!
No wonder that when Mom carried this tradition over to her Seminary teaching days, she never took requests. Glazed. Take it or leave it. (Actually, she later buckled under the pressure and started bringing in bagels for all of us picky girls.)
You'll all be glad to know the tradition lives on in the Burke home. When Tanner started swim team several summers back, I mentioned my fond pastry memories to Jason and he quickly picked up on the idea, becoming our supplier. Andrew was only two at the time and Doughnut Friday became Peanut Friday. (Don't ask. Must have been easier to say. And it totally stuck.)
Sadly, since our move back to So Il we've been unfaithful. But this past week, Andrew started asking me why he hasn't had a Peanut Friday in so long. Yes, we've been depriving our children and they finally called us out. So, I had to deliver. Today, March 12, 2010, Peanut Friday was reinstated into the routine. My boys left for school on a sugar high with sticky smiles plastered all over their faces.


Amy said...

This is awesome. I love it! haha

Sarah said...

Thanks Amy. Hey, I can't access your blog. Will you let me in?