Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

If there is a conspiracy around here, I must be in on it. Andrew loves to play with anything deemed cool by big brother Tanner. Anything. So that includes Bakugan, Legos, puzzles with 250 pieces.... Which makes cleaning up before Tanner comes home from school a lot of fun. But clean up we must, because these items are viewed as personal property by Tanner and fair game by Andrew. It has occurred to me that our routine of pulling out Tanner's toys while Margaret sleeps and then rushing to put them away before Tanner returns may not be sending the right message to Andrew. (I know, I'm quick, huh?) But the poor boy is desperate to have some time with the "cool" toys. So for now, I'm in on the cover-up. I did think this clip of Andrew whispering and hiding while playing said it all. He KNOWS.


Case said...

this cracks me up:) how funny that he whispers the whole time! just wait till he starts doing this with your things:)

Sarah said...

I know. I really should not support this habit. I'll have to be creative in coming up with a solution though, because he really LOVES to play with T's things.